In today’s time, information technology has changed the whole world. In today’s time, Information Technology has given full thought to a new look. If we look, then we see the information technology in a new way. We can not understand that in the starting phase How Information Technology Became Possible It contains a server in which we create a system and the people connect to the system and in the same way We manage, this news has been connected with the whole world and this is the reason why if anyone wants anything in a world today, then he can use that thing by connecting to the same server. Today we see the Internet Service providers come here One thing to understand here is that internet service providers are connecting to the internet and connect to the internet immediately use it It seems to us that one thing here and the information technology company is to transfer the information from one place to another. Information means what we do.

1.IBM : This is a very good company. In the field of Information Technology, this company has its own big contribution, whether it is the smallest thing in Information Technology or a bigger thing, this company makes every production service or product company information Provides very special services of technology.

2.MICROSOFT : If we see in Windows then we can understand who has given the whole world a new look and today Windows has made a lot of things affordable but Microsoft is not a Product Windows besides Microsoft too offers a lot of product which You have to know that Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Visual Studio is a very top quality.

3.ORACLE :When we talk about databases, we definitely remember the name of the singles, today he has given the whole world a new look, which manipulates online storage of data, making its editing creations very easy, as well as many other companies Management services are provided by providers, whether Oracle cloud or Java language is the product of all Oracle company and it has all the best quality.

4.ACCENTURE :When Information Technology wants to understand its advancement, we have to understand Artificial Intelligence Chemical Communication Media Cyber Resolutions Business Industrial Equipment here, which changes our thinking and shows us a new path. It has also strengthened our Information Technology and is doing a very good job in the company.

5.HPE :Today, many businesses are supporting the information technology technology and are also benefiting from it whether it is related to Health Care Hybrid Life Science Hybrid Cloud or Solving Memory Driver Computing and Missions Financial Services today many complex problems Has been done with the help of and has done the work of linking biology with a new form and this is the reason why today Medi L and computer engineering has become a bit.

I have made a list of some top companies by working hard for all of you, I have made it for you, or I have researched the internet and have seen about the company and from my experience to the field of Information Technology Well, Sir, I can not name the names of these companies for you.

1. IBM Cloud, Internet Of Things, Watson,Automation,Business Processes And Operations
2. Microsoft Microsoft 365, One-Drive,Outlook,Skype, Visual Studio,Windows, Windows Digital Game,Windows Server
3. Oracle  Autonomous Database,Engineering System,Human Capital Management,Java,Middle ware,Oracle Cloud
4. Accenture  Artificial Intelligence, Chemicals, Communication And Media,Cyber Resilient Business, Industrial Equipment
5. HPE  Health And Life Science,Hybrid Cloud Platform,Hyper-Covered System,Memory Driven Computing, Mission Financial

I hope that our children have loved this stuff. Today many children want to know about the Information Technology. Many people also want to know but they do not get the right knowledge of the Information Technology. Right Articles in today’s time It has become very important to meet the many content on the internet that can not tell the information technology correctly. I had made its own way to simplify the Information Technology and I have talked about some top company products of Information Technology in order to ascertain that will use the type of product that you will.

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